Food Action Guide

A complete guide to put your Pledge to action!

Food Action


You have made a commitment to help change our food system. We believe that our food choices can make a real difference, so we’ve designed this guide to help you choose a Food Pledge Adventure, and support you as you put your commitment into action.


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As you put the principles and values of the Food Pledge into action, remember that you play many roles in your life, and that you have many different opportunities to transform the local food system. Recognize that you have power in each of your roles, and look out for actions that you can try out in different contexts or situations!


Your choices as a consumer affect your health and the health of your community.

How can consumers make a difference?

  • Change your shopping habits
  • Reduce household food waste
  • Learn more about food


As a producer you affect the local economy, environment, and culture.

How can producers improve the local food system?

  • Choose environmentally healthy growing practices
  • Support community gardens
  • Sell surplus crops to at-risk populations


Businesses drive change in the local food economy.

How can businesses lead by example?

  • Support healthy eating in the workplace
  • Connect with local food suppliers
  • Sponsor food-related events


Policy makers shape many aspects of our food system.

How can policy makers make positive change?

  • Protect agricultural land
  • Promote local, sustainable food
  • Support access to healthy food for all community members


Choosing healthy, local, and sustainable food is an important part of the Food Pledge—and a great way to promote better health while building community connections. Although changing your personal or household food habits can be a big challenge, it is also an exciting and rewarding process. The resources in this section will help you to get started as you explore new ways to access, grow, prepare, preserve, or share nourishing food.

Every meal is an opportunity to get creative and put the Food Pledge into action, so get started today!

Bring Good Food Into your Kitchen

Plan meals and menus to eat better and save money:

Take cooking classes, engage with a community kitchen, and learn quick or economical approaches to food preparation and preservation:

Participate in a bulk buying program for more affordable fresh and/or local food:

Organize or participate in a food swap:


Knowledge is power when it comes to making food choices that benefit your health, your community, and your planet. Learning about food production, preparation, and nutrition helps you to put your values into action with each meal.


Food is a central part of our social lives, in ways that go far beyond the dinner table! Communities are stronger and healthier when we work together to share resources or experiences, to support people in need, and to raise awareness about the food system. Check out the resources in this section for ideas about how to get active and involved.

Digging In

Growing or gleaning your own food gives you a new perspective on food production, and can help you to forge deeper connections with your environment and your community. You’ll also be boosting your diet with fresh, sustainable, affordable ingredients—and with a new sense of creativity and pride.

Changing the Rules

Citizens who support the Food Pledge value community wellness, social justice, and environmental sustainability. You can put those values into action through your individual choices—but you can also make a difference by learning about food policy and advocating for changes that are important to you. Being informed about food policy is key to making wise decisions, whether you’re acting as a consumer, producer, worker, or leader. Get started with the resources here!


Let the Food Pledge inspire you on culinary adventures around your province! Your New Brunswick experience will be transformed when you focus on fresh, local food. Whether you’re choosing an innovative new restaurant for a business lunch or planning a holiday around your favorite food festival, you’ll be delighted by our distinctive cuisine and culture.

Starting a Business

Take your passion for food to the next level. Entrepreneurs in agriculture and food production make tremendous contributions to local communities and economies—and they’re key players in reimagining our food system. Choose your next steps with the resources in this section!

About #OurFoodAction

Choose your first Food Pledge adventure

Where will you begin?


  • Plant a garden!
  • Take a cooking class!
  • Visit a farm!
  • Attend a food festival!
  • Join a CSA!
  • Enjoy ugly food!
  • Donate to my food center!
  • Support local vendors!
  • Love food!
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